Lopees Organic Cotton Reusable Envelopes

Hi and Welcome to Lopees Reusable envelopes Blog. We sell Organic Cotton Resuable Envelopes made in India under a fair trade system to eliminate the use of paper envelope use is school, offices and Organisations. We also do custom made Organic Cotton and Jute shopping bags, to eliminate the use of plastic bags.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Many Uses for our Organic Cotton CD Bags

When we first started Lopees our Director Peter went to India to work with our Manufacturer to design our new range of envelopes. When he came back with the samples there was a sample for a CD/Book bag. We thought great this must be part of our range, perfect size for most books and many other uses (I use mine when travelling for my toiletries).

Over the past two years since we have had our CD bag in stock we have sold it to people for a number of things Martha Goes Green which is a vegetarian cook book packaged in our book bag, men wanting to put there little gadgets in, books of course (never have a ripped book again!!)

Though this week we had a order from a well known Restaurant buying our bags to serve their bread in to serve to the customers. They have ordered from us before and have really got onto the idea. They now have them in their three Restaurants.
I am amazed at what our products get used for and very delighted that they have any uses.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Great Fathers Gift Idea
Here is a great idea for a School Fundraiser for Fathers Day and Christmas stalls for the children to purchase for gifts. By purchasing a plain shopping bag the children can personally decorate it and the school could provide the fabric textas/paints for the children to draw on their bags. The cost of the plain bag is $2.50 so the fundraising committee could charge the parents $4.00 - $5.00 for each bag, making a good profit for the school. What Dad or Grandfather would not love a personalized shopping bag from their child while at the same time doing something to help the Environment. They will keep it for years.